Bill is a highly distinguished, well respected senior lobbyist at the Minnesota state capitol with more than 40 years of lobbying experience. He has successfully advocated for his clients on numerous bills and legislation due to his knowledge, expertise, and personal relationships. Prior to lobbying, Bill served under three Minnesota state governors as the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner of Administration.

Bill is also the author of a newly published memoir, “Care Under Fire,” which is currently available on Amazon. Bill’s book is a riveting read and describes his experiences as a combat medic during the Vietnam War. He earned several awards, including three Bronze Stars for Valor and the Combat Medical Badge. Bill also learned valuable life lessons that he applied to his civilian life. His memoir is a story about family, patriotism, progression as an individual, and path to living a fuller life.

If you would like to get in touch with Bill, please contact him here.

Bill spoke about his military experience with Twin Cities PBS.