The COVID-19 pandemic is a clear reminder that life is unpredictable and precious. 

While it may be difficult to plan for the present, now is the time to establish an estate plan as it is one of the most important steps you can take to: (a) protect yourself; (b) protect your loved ones; (c) make sure your assets are distributed per your wishes; (d) prevent the wrong people from getting your assets; (e) minimize the potential for any conflict between family members; and (f) keep the courts from deciding where your assets go. 

Everyone should have an estate plan in place, not just the wealthy and famous, because complications can arise if you don’t have anything set in place.  If you don’t have an estate plan set in place before you pass away or become incapacitated, the state’s intestacy laws will take over possibly resulting in higher estate taxes, a difficult court process for your family, and the wrong people getting your assets. 

We specialize in estate planning and can help you design your estate plan from the comfort and safety of your home or in person if you feel comfortable coming into our office.  Our experienced attorneys will help you:  (a) understand the available tools and options; (b) protect you and your family members; (c) avoid the significant costs and delays of going through probate; and (d) distribute your personal property, residue, and assets to the right people.

Documents that we routinely draft for our clients and issues we advise on include:

(1) Wills,
(2) Trusts,
(3) Health Care Directives,
(4) Power of Attorneys,
(5) Transfer on Death Deeds,
(6) Estate Taxation, and
(7) Estate Administration.

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