Why you should have a Lobbyist & How a Bill becomes Law

If you are interested in creating new law or amending and improving a current law it would be highly beneficial to hire a lobbyist. We have substantial knowledge about the legislative process and procedures and the history of previous legislation that succeeded or failed. We also have access to the key decision makers who control… Read More

Collecting on a Judgment

Have you ever sued in small claims court or district court and obtained a judgment? If a judge enters a judgment in your favor, what do you do next? How do you enforce a judgment and how long can you enforce it? What if the judgment is against you or your company? A judgment from… Read More

Purchasing Real Estate

Most of you have purchased real property – be it for your homestead, your business, or in some other fashion.  As things improve, you should consider what things you should do and understand to make sure you are protected when there is so much money on the line. For starters, should you use a real… Read More

Rules, Laws, & Regulations

As a business owner, do you understand what a Rule is? How about a Regulation? If so, how are those similar and different from an actual Law? They all sound like the same things – an English teacher would tell you they are all synonyms. But ask a lawyer and they will tell you they… Read More