Contracts: Issues & Concerns

Many businessmen and businesswomen are very comfortable entering into contractual relationships – so much so that often they will sign contracts or even draft contracts themselves (or use a form contract found online) without consulting an attorney.  This can be problematic for a variety of reasons.  The exact language in a contract matters.  Furthermore, even… Read More

Employee Handbooks: Why you should have one

When was the last time you looked at your Employee Handbook?  Does your company have an Employee Handbook? Generally it’s a good idea for businesses with more than one employee to have an Employee Handbook. Here’s why. The Employee Handbook: 1. Introduces employees to the culture, mission and values (which helps foster a sense of… Read More

Minneapolis Sick & Safe Time

Background: The Minneapolis “Sick and Safe Time” ordinance requires employers with at least 6 employees to provide paid sick and safe time leave to employees who “work in” the City of Minneapolis, while employers with less than 6 employees must provide unpaid leave. This includes employers who are “based outside” of Minneapolis and do not… Read More

Keeping the Cabin in the Family

Summer is here, the fish are biting, and cabin season has begun.  As you travel up north, you may also want to think about cleaning up any legal issues that may affect your cabin. Most cabin owners want to “keep it in the family.”  But how does one exactly go about doing that, and how… Read More