We believe in empowering clients to do good things and defend their business or personal interests. We can litigate and we can negotiate. We try to approach problem solving by employing in the most effective and least costly approach for our clients. We employ a collaborative style in working with clients in order to make certain priorities of the client are fully accommodated and achieved. This approach enables us to take advantage of the expertise of each associate and to maximize the client’s professional staff resources available to work in specific issue areas. We sort through issues together so we can clearly identify all of the factors necessary to best protect the interest of the client.

The legal and lobbying successes we have achieved over the past 40 years are based on a clear understanding of the law and the regulatory process. We believe in the importance of participatory government which affords all parties the opportunity to be represented on all major issues affecting their interests.

We are experienced at presenting new ideas and resolving complex problems. We know how to translate concepts into litigation or legislation and we know how to develop strategies that lead to success.

In lobbying, we build bridges with political leaders and government officials in an attempt to gain their respect and meet the needs of our clients. Our credibility is always on the line so we approach all issues in a constructive manner that maximizes our vast knowledge base of public policy and the complexities of the legislative process. We know the players, we know the rules and we know how to negotiate for the best results.