Since Minnesota passed its first tank law, we have represented jobbers and suppliers, as well as, petroleum franchisors and franchisees throughout Minnesota in all aspects of petroleum marketing, convenience stores, transport, counseling and litigation under both state and federal law.

We have litigated cases in state and federal trial courts in the State of Minnesota. We have also represented suppliers and dealers in investigations by state attorneys general and state agencies. In addition, we regularly advise clients regarding supply and distribution contracts, leases, franchise agreements, and other contracts that form the basis of business relationships up and down the distribution chain.

Our representation includes companies and facilities involved in the wholesale, retail and transport of various petroleum products. We also represent bulk plants, truck stops, service stations and convenience stores with both branded and unbranded petroleum products.  As such we are routinely involved in purchases and sales of petroleum properties.  We further advise our petroleum clients on issues such as promotions and giveaways, price gouging, registration, signage, security deposits, wage and hour, and many other issues.

We are proud to have served as legal counsel to the Minnesota Petroleum Marketer’s Association (“MPMA”) and its members since 1986.  The petroleum industry continues to change – the consolidation of refiners is just the latest trend in this evolving industry.  Petroleum marketers, C-Store operators and other petroleum businesses  have their own set of unique challenges in this ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with your business.