Our lobbyists strive to build bridges with political leaders and government officials that earns their respect and meets the needs of our clients. Our credibility is always on the line so we approach all issues in a constructive manner that maximizes our vast knowledge base of public policy and the complexities of the legislative process.  We know the players, we know the rules and we know how to negotiate for the best results. We are comfortable testifying and meeting with legislators on a one-to-one basis.  We know how to strategize and are quite familiar with the finer points of the political process.

Our lobbyists have a proven track record and more than 80 years of combined experience in representing clients at the Capitol. We are in the business of building bridges and helping organizations become impact players. We are seasoned veterans at presenting new and innovative ideas and solving complex problems.

We encourage clients to look upon government affairs consultants in the same manner they view their insurance policies. What we enjoy most about lobbying is empowering people and using our wealth of experience, knowledge, and contacts in the public and private sectors to successfully represent our clients.

Our lobbyists work primarily in the areas of finance and tax policy, public health policy, construction codes and regulation, capital investment (bonding projects), business and commerce regulation, legacy, public safety, and environment.