Our attorneys have wide-ranging and substantial experience in the marijuana, cannabis, cbd, hemp, and medical cannabis industries. 

We advise our clients in all aspects of the industries, including but not limited to, licensing and registration, corporate governance, structuring, operations, finance, investors, capital raising, and navigating legislative and regulatory compliance such as manufacturing, labeling, and dispensing. Additionally, we assist our clients in litigation, employment and labor, contract negotiations, due diligence, real estate, tax issues, intellectual property, day to day matters, and general business counsel.

Laws regarding marijuana, cannabis, cbd, hemp, and medical cannabis vary from state to state and agency to agency.  Thus, it is essential you retain legal counsel knowledgeable about all of the complexities in these industries.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in these industries, including but not limited to:

  • Regulatory
    • Licenses to grow, process or dispense marijuana, cannabis, cbd, and hemp
    • Assessment of business and individual risks under federal and state cannabis-related laws, regulations and guidance
    • Administrative matters pertaining to licensure
  • Litigation
    • Civil matters, such as partnership/shareholder disputes
  • Corporate
    • Corporate formation and structure
    • Capital formation activities, including public and private securities offerings and lending transactions
    • Mergers and acquisitions 
    • Partnership and operating agreements
  • Taxation
    • Federal and state planning and advice, including in connection with corporate formation and governance
    • IRS Section 280E
  • Real Estate and Construction
    • Zoning and land use
    • Leasing and landlord/tenant matters
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademarks and patents
    • Licensing agreements
    • Marketing and branding
  • Labor and Employment
    • Non-compete, trade secrets, and confidentiality agreements
    • Executive employment agreements and severance agreements
  • Public and Community Relations