Minnesota’s new cannabis law has created over 15 different categories of licenses. It appears as though almost every aspect of the cannabis industry will get its own type of license. These categories are:

  • cannabis microbusiness;
  • cannabis mezzobusiness;
  • cannabis cultivator;
  • cannabis manufacturer;
  • cannabis retailer;
  • cannabis wholesaler;
  • cannabis transporter;
  • cannabis testing facility;
  • cannabis event organizer;
  • cannabis delivery service;
  • lower-potency hemp edible manufacturer;
  • lower-potency hemp edible retailer;
  • medical cannabis cultivator;
  • medical cannabis processor; and
  • medical cannabis retailer.

Every single one of these licenses has a specific purpose, and many can be exclusive of each other. For example, a cannabis microbusiness owner cannot hold a cannabis transporter license. The limitations that come with licensing get very confusing, very fast.

Minnesotans who want to enter the upcoming cannabis industry should remain aware of state and local regulations and licensing provisions. The Libby Law Office has been assisting Minnesota companies in cannabis compliance since 2015. We would be happy to help you navigate these complex issues and help you grow your business in the cannabis sector.